Visual Review 1

Firefly Flashback 2015

This visual review is analyzing a short film that summarizes the highlights of Firefly Music Festival in 2015.

The video uses many visual techniques to relay a sense of energy and positivity. Most importantly, the video’s techniques are utilized in order to market and promote a music festival, as well as connect to festival-goers that previously attended in order to convince them to return. In essence, the video serves as a well-disguised advertisement.

The video begins with a dark screen combined with cheering, giving viewers a sense of anticipation. It then fades into a wide, far, colorful shot of a crowd and a stage, creating a sense of scale. The camera immediately shifts to a close-up of audience members at that particular stage, and then to the artists on stage, creating a unique dynamic of wide angles and closeness. Following that, the video incorporates video overlays, shifting image angles, and quick cuts throughout the overlayed video. These overlays include footage that relays a sense of intensity through significant human movement, color contrast, and near versus far shots.

Following the introduction, the film style changes drastically to an aerial (bird’s eye) view of the festival setting, panning across the greenery prior to the festival, and shifting into the tans, browns, and various colors of the crowd. The entire video makes use of a significant amount of panning and fades in order to draw viewers’ attention to the main focus of a shot.

A sense of motion and energy seems to be the main takeaway for much of the video, which is especially notable through speeding up or slowing down the natural movements of both individuals and crowds.

During an interview with the artist AWOLNATION, the camera makes use of both J-cuts, A-Roll and B-Roll footage. This interview is placed conveniently towards the middle of the video, which assists in marking a visual transition from the bright daytime to the darker evening. The transition is done nearly flawlessly, utilizing more fades than the rest of the video to make sure viewers are aware of the upcoming shift.

The shift in lighting is especially noticeable during a worm’s-eye view shot at 3:27. With the lighting shift comes a shift in exposure choices as well. The evening and night portions of the video beautifully use long exposure in order to create tracers in color and light. This choice works well to give off the desired effect of fascination and joy through color.

In my opinion, the video uses repeating techniques like quick fades and speed manipulation in a very tasteful manner. I think occasionally the video overlays on top of each other could become bothersome or detract from the quality of the work. However, I do not think the creators of the video overused this technique. The video could have been a bit more fluid in panning and cuts to closeups, but it serves the purpose of this particular video well. A music festival is a difficult thing to visually capture the essence of, especially in such a short video, but I think the creators did well overall.


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