Word Photo 10: Colorful


To play with my new camera’s ISO and shutter speed settings, I chose to take a photo of my boyfriend’s LED gloves, which perfectly represent the word “colorful.”


Word Photo 9: Tempting


I took this picture at a concert I went to recently at Echostage. For me, it symbolizes temptation through the open, upward grasping of hands with surrounding shadows. Additionally, I am always tempted to spend all of my money or free time going to shows with such beautiful snapshots such as this.

Word Photo 5: Soft


This photo representing the word “soft” is of a brand new Bichon Frise puppy named Douglas that I had the privilege of walking for my pet sitting job. His fur is not only that of a puppy, which is generally incredibly soft, but the uniform whiteness of his fur adds to the viewers perception of softness.